Hello and Welcome!

I’m Shiba, I design tangible and intangible things. My training and practice in design began almost ten years ago in Communication Design. Over the years, design has remained a constant as my understanding of it's reach across products, services and systems evolved. I currently work for Motorola Mobility in Sunnyvale, California. My team, designs interactions for wearables and companion products. I pretend I know what the ‘Internet of things’ means…

I design because I care about people, mundane routines and the world we live in. I’m interested in exploring the identity of ‘things’ in our day to day and the diversity of interactions in different cultural contexts. My motivation to pursue design is in it’s ability to make the current state a better state with a grumpy optimism of-course!

What keeps me ticking?
A good short story, making pictures, planning travel, breakfast, yoga and infectious smiles.

"Each of us is responsible for everything
and every human being."

– Dostoevsky as quoted by Simone de Beauvoir